Super Paradise Beach – A Mykonos Adventure

As they say themselves, this is the beach ‘Where Best things happen’, no one is judging you, there is no sin and other signs which can tell you that this place is also for those who came here to party, not to judge and not to be judged, so if you are shy, you may come and see what is all the fuss about, but if you don’t want to see certain things, this place is definitely not your best choice.

Before night comes creeping behind you, and you see all the young people, and those who feel like, if you don’t like shot’s, loud music, a large mass of people jumping around and waiting to be on the spot, this is your ‘Q’ to be on your merry way.

Sure, you’ll see young people fooling around, and that is their way of having fun, but, if it’s not ‘your cup of tea’, you should be on your way as soon as you can.

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