30 Best Places to Dine on Mykonos

At the beginning of this one, we will say a few things about local specialties, which you shouldn’t miss if you are gourmand and in the area. Those are:

  • Kopanisti Mykonou, which is a spicy, salty cheese, also called ”Greek Roquefort ” and it’s been around this island for more than 300 years;
  • Kremmydopita, which is basically onion pie, but why not try it when in Greece, because, tastes vary from town to town;
  • Louza ( similar to the Cypriot lountza ) is something almost every gourmet loves to find on menu is cured pork tenderloin, made all around Europe, in this case, before it’s left to dry, this meat is soaked in salty water, dipped in vine then dried, and smoked in the end;
  • Omletta, basically it’s omelet made of 2-3 eggs, but into are added Kopanisti cheese and Mykonos sausages, with seasonal salad, it’s a true treasure for those who enjoy good dining;
  • Amygdalota (dessert) these small, round of pear-shaped almond sweets are a local specialty that you should definitely try when visiting Mykonos;

  • Lazarakia is small, spicy bread sticks, made usually on Christian Orthodox celebration for the St. Lazarus’s Saturday, on which day starts Holy Week, and the beginning of the fasting, when only Lenten food is eaten;
  • Melopita is a Greek-style cheese tart, which contains above-mentioned cheese, honey, and pastry, you’ll have a pie so sweet and light, you’ll want them again as soon as you can.

Now, to have a tour, if you will, and see what are the best places to dine on Mykonos.

First, we start off with number one, everyone’s favorite, home-like place, we represent:

1. KIKI’S Tavern

If asked, everyone will tell you that the Kiki’s is the best place to go! It’s the smallest place you’ve seen, no electricity, just a grill, a bunch of local products, and a sea of wine. You won’t have a phone there, or a website, tavern without a sign in front, but the food is beyond comprehension for this kind of diner. From the seafood to the pork chops, the line you’ll wait in it will be worth every second. When the line gets too big, and the sun starts to burn, they will give you a cup of the local wine, while waiting to be served.
Given that everyone has its own eating habits and wishes, this is an older place, where everyone will get what they urged to eat when on holiday. A place to rest, to eat in peace and to have a great view is a become rarity, but, getting that we are on Mykonos place, every side have its own beautiful view, but some are older buildings with their brand new look, Kiki’s Tavern is an opposite of that. You’ll get calm and accommodating waiters, and above all, the best food you tasted, in friendly surroundings, like old series – a place where everybody knows your name.

KIKI’S on Foursquare


This place deserves to be on this list because, even though it’s a bit pricey, the food is awesome, the beach is near, service is quick and flawless, and at night, the best parties start here. There is much more to this place, which is why it’s worth every cent spent there. They stick to what they know best, and that is Mediterranean food, which is organic, also rarity when it comes to places to eat and go. Also, that does not mean that you need to go in an instant, because this is also a family restaurant, part open, where you’ll get the great taste of local, as well as vegetarian food, and the best thing is that you’ll never get out of this place sad or hungry. Alexis Zopas is the main Chef at this place, and his point of view is this: ” I wouldn’t say that i chose a profession, but rather a lifestyle. A culinary lifestyle that allows me to express myself, to feel part of a community, to be creative, and live an exciting life.”

In the middle of the season we recommend that you make a reservation because during the summer, everyone wants to dine here, so be on time, and you’ll be amazed how little is needed to satisfy your taste buds.

SCORPIOS on Foursquare


Over 30 years this place offers authentic Mediterranean-Mykonian culinary experience. Seafood and fresh fish are served straight from the Aegean sea. This is a romantic place hidden in the cave, some tables are so near the water that you get to watch lobster caught up right in front of you. If you want to get out of the noisy crowd and have some peace and quiet, you’re in the right place. Carved into a cave, having its own separated little cave for more than one setting at every time you decide to go. Also, if you want to enjoy your own private ‘cave experience’ it would be best to reserve your own slice of heaven. People who work there are in need to have the best meals, best service, will try to make your stay with them an experience that you’ll never forget. They make mostly their own food, grown right there on the island, and the seafood is fresh from the sea. You’ll have to have a bit deeper pockets to dine at this unusual place, but you’ll see that meal you had there was worth it. Besides organic olives, which everyone mentioning in every review are worth mentioning, also, something that gets great along with a variety of meals. Tuna tartar, sea bass carpaccio, lobster, linguine, sea urchins opened by the staff right in front of you, this place have everything to be excited for!

Spilia on Foursquare


This is one of those places where you have to be either dressed for the Church or being well-known for having a bunch of money. Even the food is great, and the landscape is hand shaped to fit its surroundings, given the great nature around, they didn’t have to try much to create the greatest place to spend an evening out. However, people are mostly disappointed with the service. If you are the patient one, you may even wait to get your slice of heaven.

Keep in mind always that this is ‘ The Second Ibiza’ and most of the people are young, not that hungry for food, rather for fun, but still, even being a nightclub, this attractive place will welcome you, and serve you the best and the most expensive meals, for clients who care much about being seen, or for those whose food needs to be perfect, this is the right place to be. The slightly different menu that people here are used too, so don’t be surprised if your menu has ‘Baby Vegetable Salad’ or yellow finned tuna, black cod filet, souffle, or semolina pudding, all of which are the best you’re gonna have.



This place is situated at Santa Marina and offers an exhilarating culinary and entertainment experience. Also settled in the place where not everyone can afford the prices, but if you can, this would be the perfect experience you’ll never forget. There are great reviews, so if you can afford this place, don’t waste any time, go to Buddha and enjoy yourself. Except for the peace and quiet, that is so rare in this place, it will give you a sense of serenity and calmness that is quite precious when on holiday, relaxing. This place so invitingly offers a blend of such different culinary merges, that are made of East Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and many other Asian cuisines, adding to them a bit of spice from West. There is nothing you can imagine that they won’t deliver.  Starting with the raw, or barely cooked food, it’s always a gamble if you are not certain about your skills, but the first thing on the menu is served fresh, where we must include sushi, oysters, Beluga Iranian caviar, freshly baked bread, with a bit grilles cherry tomatoes, and burrata cheese, salmon or sea bass carpaccio, along with coriander, grapefruit & red chilly pepper. Those are just starters for your imagination, everything else will come right on time.


6. APAGGIO Restaurant

This one is a great sea-side restaurant, and judging by the reviews it’s a pleasure to dine at this fine restaurant, where you’ll be offered a local dish, and only fallacy all who were there have to say that it’s too pricey even for that kind of luxury, but we have to say that they make great food, and you’d be amazed how many things served here are organic.

They have olive oil, which is irreplaceable in almost every dish, along with baby spinach, rucola ( rocket salad ), valerian and doucette ( which is used for salads and lamb racks for spicing ) are all organic. Besides, ouzo which is Greek signature drink is here served a lot, and they have more than 100 different types of ouzo, which can be combined with all kind of drinks to make great cocktails. Except for all mention things, you can have your food to go, or to stay, and enjoy your meal, and on the menu you’ll find things like marinated octopus with potato salad, fresh oysters, fried baby shrimps, boiled greens with mushrooms and tomatini, and many other which will make you ‘as happy as a clam’.

APAGGIO Restaurant


Babylon Bar gathers every night one of the most colorful crowd of the island. With constant happenings ( drag shows, dancers, theme parties ) and the most uplifting music around, has become the meeting point for those who visit Mykonos, and want to have a good time.

There is all kind of music and famous DJ’s scene is very active, so if you are up for the party, this one is place to go. Better known as a gay friendly, better yet LGBT bar, people who come here can be all kind of young open minded people, who don’t care much about others, rather they all came here not to be judged, and this place is perfect for them. Well known by its many parties, meaning – every night is a Saturday night – where all people are happy, and drag-shows that happen in this place is the world known. If you want to have a seat in there, you’ll have to be there by 11:00 PM, or you’ll be standing all night. Settled by the old harbor, looking over the sea, you’ll have the time of your life and wander about it for days to come.


8. NAMMOS Restaurant

Some things are better said by those who own the restaurant, cherishing the treasure that is tradition, heeling with the every dish served there. They say that this is the place ‘ where food becomes an object d’art and dining a transcendent affair’… from the old dishes, to the latest culinary specialities, every bite you have here will be experience for remembrance. If you came to Mykonos and don’t need to worry about how much money you will spend, this is the right place for you. It’s near the sea, but it doesn’t diminish its greatness and value. It’s restaurant is well known by its sophisticated dishes, no matter if they are sea food or not, you will enjoy this place. It’s a feast for the eyes as well as for your stomach. Highly recommended by anyone who ever set a foot in this place, you can’t miss when it comes to Nammos.

NAMMOS Restaurant

9. AVLI TOU THODORI Restaurant

Here you’ll find the most traditional meals that are prepared all over Greece. Being in modern time, when presentation is everything, you’ll surely find here the oldest recipes that have the taste of old dishes of Greece, served in modern settings. When talking about ‘food with a soul’, you will, for sure find it here.
This is the place best situated on the island, being part on the sea, they expanded into the shore, but it still kept their standard of excellence.
When choosing appetizers, go for the fava beans, hummus, fried zucchini, feta wrapped in filo pastry, and grilled halloumi cheese, and you will be on the right course for delightful meal. When on the way to main course, if you love national recipes try grilled octopus, or steamed mussels, and if you rather have a meat cravings, try pork or chicken souvlaki, you won’t regret it.


Bakalo is near the old town of Mykonos, and a great place to dine when visiting. This old but renovated restaurant specialized in old cuisine offers their customers every dish as it once was. Once big spice shop divided to make two smaller places, seems to work out great for the little restaurant that fits right in.

Main Chef managed to merge two kind of the most unusual food, combining them into a great delight, Cycladic old menu adding to it much wanted spices from all over the world.  Like no other places, you can have their cheese, and everything you order is being made on Mykonos or some other surrounding islands, so, when it comes to authentic dish, this one is right place for you. Highly recommended grilled calamari stuffed with spinach and tarmac vinaigrette or grilled octopus with small beans. When it comes to something sweet, you must try desert called kserotigana which is basically ribbon made pastry fried on top of which is ice cream made from local honey pie.


11. EVA’S GARDEN Restaurant

This place find itself on our list, even though is harder to find it in it’s location, which is near  Goumenio Square, tucked away, settled on a terrace, from which vine is sliding down, and the sight from wherever you decide to sit is blue skies and turquoise sea touching each other in the middle. We must say that this place is most famous by great offer of sea food, and if you have trouble finding it, it will be worth your while, because your taste buds will be grateful for this experience. When a menu looks like this, you’ll be waiting in line, if needed to, just to have this kind of pleasure: when you start off with garlic bread with paprika and grilled feta cheese with sesame with honey, then move on to avocado salad with a lamb rack with lemon sauce, or pork fillet marinated in mustard, black beer and honey, or pasta in any way or shape, ’till you get to the sad ending, fully satisfied senses …but wait, chocolate, or rarely made baklava is the true end of a great meal like this one.

EVA’S Garden


This is one of the most creative restaurants, and their most famous dish, besides fish and sea products is a rack of lamb. Knowing how hard it could be to make it, many costumers highly recommend this dish. This is the one of such ‘attention to details’ menu, at firs glance, you’ll get why name Funky; it’s divided into three categories which are Vegetarian, Gluten free, and Everything else. So, no need to wander, at first page , you are half set for your finest meal. Much of every good culinary dish or spice in the world is part of this menu, so combine feta cheese with fresh mint leafs, and their dressing, you’ll start a great meal.

Unlike many other places, you can eat great bowl of soup, made just from vegetable, with sorbet and pine nuts, feta summer rolls are made with sesame seeds, tomato marmalade with ginger and mastic, or chicken breasts made with sun dried cherry tomatoes and artichoke and mushrooms, or dish called Calif’s liver made with wild oregano and red vine. The list goes on and on, that’s why you should be at Funky Kitchen and make your own choice. To add their signature desert, which is chocolate nirvana with a ‘must try’ sign!



This ‘White’ place with its special terrace will offer you a great service and great meals. Not only that they are all made to represent this diner, having to catch your eye, every dish will not only satisfie your eyes, but your stomach too. That’s why you’ll see some of dishes only on their menu. Basel Soup, Goat Cheese Trilogy, Stuffed Rabbit Filet, dish called Like Mykonian Sun, Cous Cous With Seafood ragu, Fig Salad or Salad With Pears, Duet of Pork Filet or Cappuccino Pastry are just some of them. Judging by the names, I know that you are wandering how nice it would be to sit there, and be served some of those fantastic meals. Their veal is beyond description, and the honey pie we mentioned earlier is here always fresh, and something to remember this place by.



Even though some people don’t like Mediterranean food, they like the view from this place, most of them like that the restaurant is on the side of the island where wind rarely drifts, it’s a great place, and we will try to make you sure about it. Some people were even captured that the flowers on the tables are fresh every day, but that’s not only thing that make this place special. For one, like so little dining places, this one is there for you 27/7, they serve the best breakfast, and are placed on the hot-spot in the island.

From full morning, they switch to local food around midday, and everything they put on any table is the freshest food you’ll find on the island. The lack of over -spacing, they excess in one of the best restaurants on the island, keeping in mind that some of them are overcharging, others cook things some people wouldn’t like, this place is everything others lack, and serve it fresh and with a smile.

Placed on the left side of the Marina, near the Church with a Blue Top, this place will capture you with kid-friendly staff, and lot of patience with every order. Here you can try everything, because all the food there is great. Staff will also recommend to save some room for the desert, because every desert is on the house, and each is better than one before it, so enjoy your very special meal, with most of Aegean has to offer!



This is one of the greatest souvlaki places you can find on the island. Being this small, with just a few tables inside, this place is meant to be the place to eat & run.

So, if you are on the run, or want to catch as much sun as possibly can, this is the place for you. Chef is using all the fresh ingredients, and everything is made right in front of you, with most certainty we can say that here are the gyros and gourmet burgers are the best in town. If you prefer food that’s not that much local, and have a great hint of the West in it, you’ll be eating here for sure. They also have Greek, or rather, Mykonos dishes, but they are specialized in fast food, prepared slow, but still they manage to get everything on time, and with a smile. This place, even though meant to be food to go, here you can also have special diner for two in romantic setting, or a larger group of people, but if you don’t want to wait, and don’t have a problem with eating on your feet, this place is for sure the best place to eat and be full, and satisfied.



Mykonos is full with places to eat that are expensive and for deeper pockets, however, you’ll ran into a place like this one which serves fast but quality dishes, and if you are on the run, or simply don’t want to wait whole eternity to have a bit to eat, Saki’s Grill House will make you National Greek dish, mostly gyro made with tzatziki sauce, onions, tomatoes and lamb or chicken on a grill, wrapped in thin bread.

They follow the philosophy by which, if you eat with them as well as you eat at your own home, you’ll wanna get back. That’s why they serve quickly, but with great quality, so they’ll be sure you’d want to get back. Rated great by most of the people who dined here, and following their words of wisdom, people indeed do come back, rather often and with a planned appetite, just in case they want more than last time they dined there. In the middle of the season they work 24/7 , and it’s a great place for those who have munchies after party is over for the night!

SAKIS Grill House


This restaurant is a bit hidden in the narrow streets of Mykonos, but if you don’t like sea food that much, this place is just for you! Their main courses are usually steak in any way you can imagine it: Rib Eye, T-Bone, Picanha which is Brazilian by origins, NY strip steak and filet mignon, all are best served here.

Some of the other dishes you’ll want to try here is melon cold soup made with tartar with a variety of seasonal herbs, with orange and citrus juice and melon, spinach salad made with feta cheese, strawberries, sesame seeds, croutons with chilly mustard dressing, then forward with oysters in every shape and size, with or without greenery, cooked, grilled, oysters consume a big part on the menu. Iberico black pork is something you shouldn’t miss, beef filet also, but there are so many of them, that the hardest thing to do is to cut them from the menu, but some things are meant to be hidden, or everything looses it’s charms. Of course, they always have the usual sea food, but the customers decided that they make the best of the West, so if not fan of sea creatures, we highly recommend Uno Con Carde for your ‘land’ meal.


18. NIKOS  Taverna

Even though it’s 40 years old, and situated in the center of Mykonos, this small place offers great grilled sea food, and the main attraction is the pink pelican, parading in front of the restaurant, posing for pictures in exchange for some great prepared fish dish! Since 1976., people gladly come here, and much of today’s celebrities often eat here, even though there are much more suitable places, most of them know the Chef, and that is such a special honor, that most of people come back here.

Having Mousaka on the menu, this reminds me at my place, where not only mousaka like a dish have it’s special preparing requirements, also as a cold meze you’ll be asked to try  Being friendly to everyone, that is how you stay in diner business, and having the lowest prices is the way to stay way in front of the others.

NIKO’S Taverna


If you like Italian food this is just the place for you. Along with their charm, they brought great dishes, and cozy environment, and their short menu offers fresh squid with zucchini along with penne pasta with homemade pesto.

If you are fan of Italian cuisine, and romantic by nature, this is the place that you’ll remember. Chef of this little place won the hearts of many people who love to spend holiday on this island. You’d be amazed by the fresh bread made just for you every time, and all the best that Aegean sea can give you made Italian style. Cozy and romantic, you will be amazed by the pleasant service, and great food.

La Cucina di Daniele


20. JOANNA’S NIKOS Place Taverna

This little place is run by an Irish lady, and she is making all the local dishes like moussaka, lamb made souvlaki and grilled fish, which is the main dish here. She also have great choice for vegetarians, so if you don’t like meat, this place is just for you. In the evening, when the sun starts to set, this is the place to be. Also worth mentioning that even the local people comes here, which is, by itself, a great review.

Second thing is that unlike so many of them on the island, they are open until you are willing to be their guest, which means that the children are welcome, romantic dinner for two also very welcome, larger families too, as well as celebrations of any kind are very welcome here, so if you want to just take out or stay in, you’ll be always welcome here. Worth mentioning also is that, for this kind of restaurant, prices are pretty reasonable, unlike many other places, so this place comes highly recommended by almost everyone who ever eat here. Hope you’ll enjoy it, too.

Joanna’s Niko’s Place

21. ELIA

Being part of the hotel with the same name, this place made of stone is on the beach, and everything they serve is catch of the day, so you can not be wrong with fresh quid or pasta with lobster. Being specialized for Mediterranean food, every dish you have here, no matter how it’s called, it will have the taste of Greece in it, like Giouvetsi which is veal with eggplant, with thick pasta and  zucchini and red peppers, or Vassili’s roasted baby goat with virgin olive oil and sun-dried oregano.

This restaurant also serves breakfast, so if you’r on the way back from the party, you can have your first meal here, and that would be something like this: if you have an urge to eat full this meal is a great breakfast fresh eggs with crispy slices of bacon along with fresh brown bread, butter,  variety of jams, pure honey, freshly squeezed orange juice and coffee or tea, but something other will maybe caught your eye, breakfast called ‘The Morning Challenge’ have Greek yogurt, fruits, honey, nuts, variety of jams, toasted bread, chopped tomatoes, graviera cheese and olives. Given the breakfast, it’s not questionable why people want to discover what else they have in store for lunch or dinner.

Elia Mediterranean Restaurant


Being part indoor, part outdoor, this place have also fresh grilled fish, and it’s being served most of the time, and their ‘must have’ are calamari stuffed with feta cheese, Aegean paella with seafood, as well as Mykonos sausage are the best choice for this place.

Having a great staff this place will amaze you in many ways. Combining old Greek cuisine with modern ways to serve it, just shows how not everything has to change, their approach to food is a bit different, combining the best of the sea and from mother land is hard to set, but once you try, you’ll see that the most demanding of dishes prepared here will take you on a journey you’ll cherish forever. Even though they mostly cook sea food, they didn’t forget those who love a piece of meat on their plates and for them Angus sirloin Tagliata with caramelized onions will be one of the best choices made of large peace of meat cooked slowly, but a bit rare inside, Keftedakia which are basically meatballs, but every dish comes with a sauce, so you won’t be disappointed what ever you choose. We must mention that this is a restaurant which came famous for its Sushi menu, and they come in every shape and size here like Edamame, tuna, salmon, sea bass, even octopus gets along great with their vision of serving sea food. For those with a sweet tooth greatest recommendations for ‘Negrito’ souffle with vanilla ice-cream. Overlooking the sea, we have no doubt that you’ll have a great meal at this place, enjoy!



Unlike the other places to eat on this beautiful island, Indian Palace is just what it said: place where you can eat just Indian food, and besides, here you can get vegetarian food, and it’s a place where most of the younger people like to eat an hang out. They have great curry, crispy naan bread, chana masala and dal makhani, which are all vegetarian dishes. It’s pretty spicy food, but far from Mediterranean dishes.

Chef of this lovely place created the menu where everyone can and will get what they want, so on his list, besides food mentioned, you’ll have the unique chance to try something new, and will start off with dish called Zafrani Fish Tikka which is fish of the day, cut in cubes, marinated in exotic spices and saffron, move to the Lamb Roganjosh made also of cubes, this time lamb cubes, cookd in a special sauce called  Kashmiri. There are much of the food that’s not just for vegetarians, and it’s worth mentioning changes made for this place to become one of the most visited when it comes to good food and variety of it.  If you need a change, do visit this place.



Near to the popular beach, they serve Cretan dishes, and the strong taste of that food is stunning. Recommended are salt baked fish, and the mussels cooked in vine are worth mentioning. Even if you are staying at the opposite side of the island, it is worth the trip. Atmosphere is amazing, many people say that they are welcomed there every time, like long lost relative which you were trying to find for many years. Most of them also can add up that the prices, for that good food is worth it, but most of all pretty low, for Myconian standards. Everyone is very friendly, and trying to accommodate everyone’s wishes, so even if you didn’t book the table for dinner in the evening, they will keep you company, and seat you in the fastest fashion, but still booking is highly recommended.  We must also add that you will get free appetizer, along with the desert, and pleasant staff will recommend which ones are the freshest and the best. This offer will make you wander if there is a place like home, except you’d be the one that gets served. Many people come back after discovering this place again and again, if on Mykonos, check why there is such a fuss over this place…

Niko’s Galoop


This place have whole day shady terrace, and it’s near the north side of the island. Being that near to the beach, the majority of clients are those who spend whole day at the beach. They serve Mediterranean food, along with cold meze, which includes grilled feta cheese along with thin pastry and honey, like their traditional meal of the house.

It’s needed to be said that celebrations that they make there for any occasion you need would be a treat on your eyes as well as for the stomach. Even though it got some bad reviews, we will recommend this friendly place. It have low prices, some will argue the lowest on Mykonos given the service that they provide. Also, which should be common for this part of the world, they make their own bread and serve it to you straight from the oven. Customers are used to it, and they are in business long enough to see what are their best qualities.



We have to include this lovely place, because here we have something different. They are well known for serving breakfast for those who get up early, and like to enjoy three meal during the day. We also have to say that they have the best deserts and that the atmosphere is the best for couples, but there are much more that they offer.

You’ll feel great because of the staff, that will take good care of you, they also prepare meals to go, if you are in the rush, and also, unlike many of restaurants, they serve vegetarian food. What also needs to be said is that of course you can have every meal and be on your way, but what’s unusual here is that, even though you have all on the menu, you can combine your own meals, adding and setting aside everything you want. So either you want what they already have, or you have the time to prepare all ingredients you want, and just order your favorite dish, they will gladly accommodate every wish you have. It’s worth trying even if you got disappointed elsewhere, come here, and make your own meal.

The Taste Diaries


To eat great food at such a low prices that can only be here. As the name itself gives you a clue what is pretty important on this menu, oregano have its own section on this one so if you  get Berki Meze, as a traditional dish, you’ll be served pork fillet with onion, parmesan cheese, pepper, tomato, spiced with oregano, like Chicken Fillet Fried, served with colored paprika, carrot, olive oil, oregano and lemon.  Then you have grilled everything that they can grill, but we recommend that you keep in mind that oregano is their trademark, and that what ever you eat, will have a hint of this spice in it.   They serve everything that you’ll want to eat, well known for their cleanliness like not many places, staff will have more patience than most of the clients, but for such low costs, you will eat great, and be on your way very happy.

OREGANO Cook&Grill


We already mentioned that on this island you’ll have the greatest culinary experience of Mediterranean. This Taverna is known by it’s great salad bar, and every dish that comes to your table will be flawless. Staff is also great, and being near to the sea, even during the meal, you’ll have a great view to the sea. When better checked, their salad bar is so exquisite, that it can as well have everything you need or want to make yourself the perfect match, and still feel fit to go swimming. On that one you’ll find calamari salad, mykonian louza, quinoa with sweet peppers, cherry tomatoes, coriander and fresh onion, and many, many more, that will show you that a great salad can be found even where just the rare plants grow.

Most of them are organic, but there are some of spices that have to get there from the main land.  The only thing that is a bit odd is that the kitchen is being closed by the 19:00 h, so if you want to dine here, get there on time, not that you’ll stay hungry, because there is more restaurants to visit, but if you want to this place, make sure you’re on time. Unlike many others on the isle, this one is family oriented restaurant, and everyone is welcome, but still , if you’r looking for party, this is not place for you. They serve exquisite white vine, also made locally, and the customers seems to be thrilled abut this special drink, which always go well along with almost every sea food.

FOKOS Taverna

29. CAPTAIN’S Food For Sharing

This place serves every kind of food there is: Mediterranean, Greek, European, Seafood, and much more. The staff is always with a smile on their faces, and the sequel of the restaurant name came from that the portions are so big, that one can be shared with two or three people at once, hence ‘Food For Sharing’.

It’s like they have everything any client needs to be satisfied when done with dining. Whole menu is ‘about Meze’, so we will just mention some of them will make you wander what have you been missing. On Sea Meze menu you’ll find dishes like Swordfish souvlaki with grilled vegetables, Captain’s octopus bites in red sauce, and on the Land Meze you’ll be served something like Chicken trachonatto with sage, Pork Bites served with lemon or mustard sauce, meatballs with red sauce or yogurt dip.

Except from all the other restaurant menu’s, this one, being family friendly have also section called ‘Sharing Platters’ which by itself say that it’s a food for larger or smaller groups of people.  All that and for affordable prices, you will be stunned by their capabilities.

Captain’s – Food for Sharing


This is a nice place too, for those who prefer fresh food over the cooked and grilled ones. They have a great choice of salads, fresh squid, and everything they serve is mostly fresh. They’ll rather offer you a lamb before a veal meal, but in any case, you’ll get great meal, for low cost, and not much spicy for Mykonos restaurant. Being on the ‘scene’ form 1969. this place is one of the first family businesses on the island. Not only that you you can find great meals from the sea, they also make vegetarian and vegan dishes, so what ever your taste may be, you’ll find it here for sure.

Everyone is so pleased by coming here, that every night is a night to remember when in Blue Myth. Also, they have ‘Greek Nights’ which are on Wednesdays and Sundays, when you can enjoy with Greek music and dancers, dancing sirtaky, which is national dance, and is not local, a great show to complete your great meal. This is really the place where we say ‘a meal with a view’ because its just that, looking to the sea, smelling the breeze, and the staff is so pleasant, you will get to bed with memories that will last you for a lifetime.

BLUE MYTH Restaurant

We have to add that our list is based on subjective opinion of this paradise on earth, your order of choices may vary, but I’m sure that we will all agree that, what ever the number is in front of the restaurants name have nothing to do with their skills, and will to serve you, they are just randomly selected, so you’ll know by heart how to find the place, that serves just the food you have cravings for. And indulge your self, after all the fact, remember, you are on holiday!
We gave you a 30 places to go and have your favorite meal when on Mykonos, so follow us, and ENJOY YOUR STAY! 



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